What do you do?

We specialise in high quality automotive photography aimed at car dealerships requiring a professional service with regards to their images. We ensure consistency and brand standards right across the board, while remaining a creative team with vast, in-depth knowledge about both photography and the vehicles themselves.

Which services do you offer?

Customers are ensured that we provide high resolution photography and videography. Each photographer is kitted out with £15,000 worth of equipment, so they will have everything they need to shoot the best quality images and videos.

If you have any queries regarding the technology used, pleased do not hesitate to contact us for more. We appreciate that every dealership is different and that we will be performing a specialist service.

What is meant by ‘manufacturer standard quality’?

Many photographers have manufacturer standard, which can be used and improved upon. Shots are set from the front, rear and side of the vehicle, which will improve the angles and fully showcase the make and model. There is also a sizeable improvement of images per car, from 4-8 images to a massive 15-30.

Does the shoot have to take place off-site?

The cars can be photographed on-site, if preferred. They do benefit from being lined up against a dedicated or plain background, and showing your dealership in the backdrop also boosts your profile and adds a higher element of brand consistency to the image.

Does the concept really work?

The figures speak for themselves, in that vehicle preparation time was shortened by 61%; internet enquiries increased by 29%; used car sales rose by 31%; general enquiries soared by 39%. These statistics certainly evidence that our methodology – tried and tested – works and improves vehicle images.

Naturally, being able to browse online would build interest, but it has been proven to have a direct correlation with increased purchases online. It is also particularly useful for distance buyers that would not ordinarily get to even see the car.

Any further details needed?

Let us know

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be happy to answer your questions and make sure that you feel as informed as possible.

We simply wish to ensure that quality photography is showcased online – an integral part of any business – and can always provide more portfolio examples. Please pick a date and time most suitable for you and we can discuss potential projects in person. We are also willing to offer a free trial of work to guarantee satisfaction.




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